Inspired by my dog

How I “Lucked” Into CBD – And Changed Lives

Seven years ago was when I consider the time I became “Lucky” with CBD.  And I was led to this discovery by a dog named “Lucky”.   Let me explain.

Seven years ago, I was in Los Angeles, driving in the valley down Ventura Blvd.   The night was warm with a light breeze and sparkling lights in a long few miles before I got home.  I was coming back from dinner with friends and feeling relaxed and comfortable. So I was just looking around, waiting for the signal to change.

The next day when it was open I walked in…I should back up. I lost my dog Bear who was 15 about 8 months before.

Dancing Dogs On a Couch?

That’s when I saw a bunch of dogs on a couch in the window of a boulevard Dance Studio. Dance Studio? Dogs? Were they teaching dogs to dance? ANYTHING is possible in California. Or what used to be a dance studio. I angled my neck around, searching for a sign. Then I saw it. 

AGWC Rockin Rescue.

Hmmm. Good enough. So I vowed to check it out the very next day.

My First Visit – a Lucky One

So I got up (which is usually the best way to start your day) and drove over to the Rescue place. When I walked in, I could see that they had converted the dance studio with a greeting desk, pens for the dogs and a support area.

…and then I saw all the dogs. The dogs were all types big, small, loud, quiet, fuzzy, smooth. It was like Noah’s Ark had unleashed a great caravan into this room. And their eyes. All of them looking up at me but at the same time looking for their “Forever Home”.

They were ready to love their owner(s), whomever they may be. At that moment I knew what I had to do.

The Owner, Ady Gil, came over to me and struck up a conversation.

He was personable and funny. But the one thing I could immediately sense was that he was on a Mission. He loved the dogs and really wanted to help them find great homes. Ady told me that the Rockin’ Rescue was his invention. That’s why it was called “AGWC” for Ady Gil World Conservation. After 10 minutes speaking to him I was humbled and inspired. 

He took me to a senior pit bull named “Lucky”. He was indeed an older dog, with a bit of a grey mug and about ten or eleven years old. I know that older dogs have a tough time getting adopted because, well, they’re older. “We got her from death row at a facility. She may not live long,” sighed Gil. “But in the greatest of all possible worlds, we’d like her to have a good few months left. To be loved. To belong.” He explained to me that two vets told him she would never walk again. 

Home Became Lucky

So I took Lucky home with me. For a month or two, however long Lucky lasted, she was going to get nothing but love and affection and friendship. Ours might be a short time together but it was going to be a great time together. Lucky had a degenerative bone disease. She might’ve also been hit by a car. So she was not in good shape. At all. 

Her effort was so inspiring to me. I sensed that she and I had bonded. She wanted to ‘protect’ me by not causing me pain and discomfort in carrying her outside. That just shows how amazing she was with her intuition. Her love was returned with devotion, friendship and care.

Now, you have to remember that she couldn’t walk very well. So every time she had to go to the bathroom, I had to carry her outside. She was a big dog too as you can see. After three to four weeks of carrying her outside, my lower back was really killing me. I believed Lucky sensed my pain and discomfort. So I saw that she started to crawl toward the door and outside. On some days, she tried to stand up by herself.

I spoke to Ady about her condition and what remedies might help her.  He suggested that I might give her some CBD. But the CBD back then was not like the CBD that we have today.

The CBD then was like Black Tar in a syringe. The technique was to squeeze out just a tiny bit – maybe about the size of a kernel of rice.

The Miracle with CBD

I would squeeze out some about the size of a kernel of rice.

And that’s when the Miracle began.

After a few weeks, Lucky started walking. Barely. But walking nonetheless. Walking.  I did not have to carry her any more but just steer her out the door to do her business.  

Two to three weeks later, Lucky was a new dog.  One time, she amazed me by running around my swimming pool.  She was happy, playful, mobile.

A Dog Once Again!

When I saw her, I would get tears in my eyes for what had appeared before my eyes.   Here was one of God’s creatures, Man’s Best Friend who simply wanted to live and love and be loyal to me who had saved her from certain death.

More than a few times, I watched her and my eyes became salty with tears.  How many times can we really make a difference? And especially with dogs who want nothing but love and want to give everything in affection, loyalty and fearless protection of their ‘family’.

And Lucky and I had become our own ‘Family’.

She was given one or maybe two months to live. Of course, I have to thank Ady Gil for introducing me to both Lucky and CBD.  Ady still helps animals each and every day. With me and CBD, Lucky lived a much longer happy life – three years.

Thank you CBD for giving more Life to Lucky. But, in the end, I was the one who was Lucky.