From Seed to Serenity…

CBD enhances your mind-body delivery system. Care Better Daily is a company dedicated to helping you achieve a Balanced Harmonious Life!

Dedicated to making high quality CBD products, the Founders of Care Better Daily saw that the CBD industry was booming – and experiencing all the growing pains with a new industry. Care Better Daily resolved those growing pains for you.

Care Better Daily’s Founders sought to go through the process – step-by-step – to setup a long-term quality plan for its Wellness products.

The entire process matters.  You see, Industrial Hemp plants soak up everything in the soil – good or bad.  So when you start with great soil where organic farming is the norm, then you have to feed great water to the plants.

That meant to experience for ourselves the entire process.  From Seed to Service.  We ventured to Colorado to exactly where the CBD would be cultivated before it goes to the lab.  We checked out the greenhouses.  See the snow filled mountains which fed crystal clear fresh and unpolluted water directly to the Industrial Hemp plants at the farm.

Then we went to the lab to see how the plants are processed,  CBD is extracted and then distilled at high temperatures (our secret!) to get the finest quality Hemp Oil or CBD Isolate. Finally, we want to market our CBD products where they are appreciated.

From Seed to Serenity…
…That's how you Care Better Daily.