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Need a side hustle? You can make money for yourself, raise funds for your community or group for its worthy cause through CareBetterDaily.com.

How to Make Money with CareBetterDaily.com

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Let us help you raise funds for your group and its worthy cause through our Affiliate program. Easy as One, Two, Three!

We  produce organically grown CBD products that are Lab certified – published on our website and updated regularly. Elegant – for your own use, a gift or as a high quality product reflecting well on your organization.

Competitive pricing – All this for a very reasonable price to your members or friends. These  elements are essential for good sales.

You sign up, receive your Unique Link and share with friends, family and  associates. Upon purchase and processing, a percentage goes to you  or your organization. Emailing or texting your exact affiliate link or coupon code is the most trustworthy method.

When a customer buys month after month, then you or your organization make money  – month after month.

How much can you or your group make each month then? As an affiliate, you will make a percentage  on each and every sale – provided that you sign up and use your Affiliate Link.  That's the only way to make sure you get paid.

If you sold three of each  – all with different prices and dosages – then at the end of the period, you would earn almost $1,000.

So if your organization  can sell 24 products a month to your group or list – which might have 100 people, then you're good to go.  You  or your group can make $1000 a month, each and every month.  Month after month…

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Care Better Daily Products



CBD oil from organically grown hemp that is 100% Vegan and Non-GMO. Pure, clean, healthy. Comes in 600, 1200, 1800 and 3000 MG varieties.


Made specifically for Women – CBD gel tabs made from organically grown hemp that is Non-GMO. Pure, clean, healthy. 250 MG comes in 10 gel tabs for easy dosing.


CBD oil for your Dog, Cat, or other Pet made from organically grown hemp that is 100% Vegan and Non-GMO. Pure, clean, healthy. Comes in 600 MG with metered pipette for better dosing.

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Make extra money for yourself or your community/group while helping people with pure organically grown products.

Care Better Daily CBD Tinctures and CBD Gel Tabs Product Line-up 2020

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