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This Community is one of the easiest to join in the world.  Our company name is our mantra.   When we were considering a company name, we wanted more than a company.  We wanted a Community which means a mentality.  

Care Better Daily simply means what is says: 

  • “Care”  – show concern, take action, find a cause…
  • “Better” – make that cause better in some way.  Help a cause gain momentum. 
  • “Daily” – each and every day adds up. 

If you improved your health 1/10 of 1% percent each day, then you would have an astounding growth rate at the end of a single year.  Imagine if you could do 1% a day.  Benjamin Franklin said that one of the most powerful forces in the world was ‘compound interest’.  It is.  If you consider your current stage as 100% today, then increasing it 1% tomorrow equates to 101% right.  But then the next day, you are actually improving another 1% – but on the 101% of the previous day. 

That is “Care Better Daily” and its community.  Join us by any means necessary.  Help a person at the store.  Enjoy flowers and point them out to a passerby.  Exercise a few more times a week.  One of my favorite signs at the gym:  “No matter how slow you are going, you are still running laps around a person sitting on the couch.”  And improve your health day by day. 

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