Charities help People, Pets and the Planet. Hey, those are all “P’s” as in…oh I don’t know….Priorities! People need Pets. And Pets need People. Care Better Daily wants to do its part too. We recognize that our Seed to Serenity value means that we must help where and when we can along the way. To that end, we make sure that these valuable organizations can be stocked up on Care Better Daily products at the most favorable rates possible.

We are currently working with the following organizations:

Rockin' Rescue

A Life without a Pet is not a Life well-lived. That could be the motto of “Rockin’ Rescue” which operates out of a studio on Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles California. This Rescue centers has a very robust website to help the furry friends aka lonely cats and dogs to find a family. They urge you to support pet adoption, better animal treatment and more.

The loyalty from pets, especially dogs, cannot be overstated. I always say that these furry friends have four legs to hold up hearts much bigger than us humans. Please help. 

St. Martin's Rescue

Sky Valencia is the founder of St. Martin’s Foundation. The St. Martin’s learning center provides our youth with exciting programs like animal welfare education, vegan cooking classes, and environmental safety. 

The St. Martin’s team educates the students through music, art, documentaries, and special guest speakers. The Sanctuary houses animals that help us teach children and teens about proper pet care, compassion, and kindness.


Dedication. Sacrifice. Mission. Generosity. And much, much more. We support the Troops and the Mission. We want to help Veterans before, during and after their great public service.

In a world where public service is sometimes viewed as a lesser role, we couldn’t disagree more. Veterans give and give, over and over, of themselves and to others.

Duty is a special mission to these valiant members of American society. So we offer special discounts to these intrepid and dedicated souls. How to get your discount?

Vegan Beauty Revolution

The Vegan Beauty Revolution (VBR) is a new and powerful movement led by women, that seek to end animal abuse, global warming, and illness. VBR was created by Sky Valencia and is generated by eight outstanding vegan women. Each woman is unique in her own right, they are true blue pioneers of the vegan revolution. Women who have dedicated their lives to healing, preserving nature, eco-fashion, animal rescue, and health.

Our website will make it easy for you and your loved ones to make a simple transition to the incredible world of cruelty-free living.

From Seed to Serenity…
…That's how you Care Better Daily.