A CBD, Self-Reflection & Recovery
by Chad Gibson & Michael Mandaville

The Old Saying is: People do not care about anything until they are affected.

On December 24, 2019, I was given a reason to reconsider this Old humbug of a statement. Whew! What a day. My life changed forever on Christmas Eve.

I remember thinking that during the fall. A nasty fall down a flight of stairs. And stairs one doesn’t normally think of as that dangerous, especially as I’m a young man at age 41. But that’s where the deception gets you. The young – or youngish in my case – don’t quite calculate the risks like slightly older or older folks do.

But then I’ve now had time to reconsider with the following results of this fall: A dislocated right shoulder. Broken right arm. Torn ACL in my right knee. I felt more like a driver at the Indy 500 who just got smashed up on the turn and thrown into the wall. My arm and knee were in shambles.

Chad Gibson-Hospital Picture

I really didn’t know that you could spend two full days in the Emergency Room. My impression was that you had to be really injured to stay there. That they would be inclined to fix you up a bit, send you to surgery and get you moving on. On Day Two, I realized how serious my injuries were. After all, through my hazy pain induced brain, I realized that I was on massive amounts of Morphine and Percocet. And then they were sizing me up for surgery, putting in a rod and screw into my shattered arm. That’s when I was thinking of the race car driver. The rods and screws reminded me of used engine parts. Chad Gibson Arm Fracture and Shoulder Dislocation X-Ray s

Which is now me!

After surgery, I spent another few days in the ICU. The surgeon was worried about critical circulation issues because of my nasty dislocation, especially on heavy doses of medication. I was then released and sent to a rehabilitation hospital for my initial stages of physical and occupational therapy. What a joy. I spent two weeks getting through the painful and challenging rehab routines in the rehabilitation unit. The facility prescribed more pain medication to deal with ongoing daily pain issues. On the pain scale, I was really pushing an eight or nine. Finally, the rehab hospital released me in the middle of January 2020.

Now, I was out on my own, hobbling in pain and working to get my life back. But then again, I had to get my life back without the use of one leg and one arm. That is a serious setback. Again, you don’t think about the limitations until it directly affects you.

The simplest of activities was proving difficult, exasperating and painful. Tying shoes, cooking, eating, walking, getting to the rest room, simply sitting, shifting on the couch. Other activities bloomed into impossibilities. Taking the stairs was like climbing Mount Everest. I could not do the tiniest little chores in my life anymore. I could not even take a shower or use the restroom without assistance. I was short term physically unable to do most daily tasks. I was truly humbled.

I realized that my injuries had also heightened my emotions in highly negative ways: Scared, nervous and heart-broken.

My routine consisted of (a) popping more pain pills each day and (b) doing pain-inducing exercises to recover my normal motor and muscle functions. The pills, I soon recognized, were merely a “band aid fix”. And the side effects were horrible: headaches, body chills and a scary future of drug addiction. Insomnia came at night, keeping me awake. Soon enough, I thought that I could apply to become an extra in “The Walking Dead” as I look and felt more and more like a zombie.

Mentally, emotionally and physically, I was struggling in all directions. And when you reach out in all directions with the struggle, you search for answers in all directions too. Any place to throw a grappling hook onto some solid bearing and make progress!

I was working and doing quite well working with a CBD group based out of Orlando and Los Angeles. I was hustling and trying to make a great impression. This was a terrific opportunity after all. I believe that I was off to a fantastic start with the company. The CBD firm, called Care Better Daily (CBDy), is a a firm specializing in the healthy sector and advocating CBD to achieve relief from ailments in both people and pets. Which is good. Because right about now, I was feeling like a very lonely dog indeed. Their products are organic, starting in the high mountains of Colorado with the fresh spring water that hits their organic farm of Industrial Hemp. All of it is certified which means that a third-party laboratory has attested and provided a Certificate of Analysis about the product. Now that’s important as, in working with the company, I read that up to 60-70% of companies sell products with pesticides, toxic metals and more. Clearly, these elements are not good for my recovery or anybody’s recovery.

I started using Care Better Daily (CBDy) products and immediately noticed a difference. As soon I started ingesting the tinctures, my headaches and body chills went away. I just started feeling better in general as if the pistons inside me were firing again. I felt better mentally. I was emotionally more even. Physically I could get up and move my body more, provided that my knee and shoulder brace were on for safety precautions.

But these were solid baby steps in the right direction.

Next, I had to tackle the use of a cane. Thank God for a cane. I felt like a conductor waving it around, ordering my muscles and joints to become an orchestra of movement once more. Okay, I wax poetic but when you’re injured, you’ve got time on your hands. Again, my overall spirit and demeanor improved. I reduced my prescription medication needs – wanting to diminish daily the potential for any future addiction. I upped my Care Better Daily (CBDy) product usage.

I’ve done the research, read the articles and more. I know where their product comes from, And now I know that their CBD products work! Plain and simple!

Make a smart choice for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed. Your life will be improved by using the all-natural medication of CBD.

I dedicate this article to my family and friends, who without them I am not sure I would be standing here today. They are the most loving and caring individuals that I have ever known. I love them very much! And I’m going to be caring a bit more about their plights because, once in a while, you get a Lesson in Life to realize how others are affected by Life’s daily difficulties, disasters and challenges.
A Lesson Learned.