One of the most difficult things to give up as a vegan is pharmaceuticals. As an ethical vegan we suffer with the choice of discomfort versus harming animals. Consuming pharma products created at the cost of cruelty to innocent animals was a challenge until I met Bruce. He introduced me to a product that filled the gaps for so many personal issues I was suffering from.

Letha Coughlin Vegan Diet
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Care Better Daily helped massively with my previous health challenges. The results were incredible I had to share it with people that had similar issues. When I met my good friend Darin during his vegan journey, his situation sounded so similar to mine I had to show him the product. Soon after Darin met Bruce, and the three of us formulated a circle of trust and support for the product. Now Darin a personal trainer and I, a health coach we offer the product as a must with every program.

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From Seed to Serenity…
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